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Postcards From Middle-Earth

After finding the remains of the Bridge of Khazad-Dum with other members of the Valar Guild, Galadhalion has finally returned to his homeland of Lorien, and feels the joy of once again walking under the golden mallorn leaves!

And look who he finds! His kinsman Haldir, ever vigilant, on post at his flet. Fortunately, after all the trouble with Gimli, Lothlorien has loosed up their policy on dwarven blindfolds, so my guild-pal Ancbeard doesn't have to go blindfolded.

Galadhalion meets Haldir

I've also started a new character, a Hobbit Warden by the name of Maedhroc. He doesn't seem to know how to tuck in his shirt, but there are no others in the Shire who can rescue chickens from rampaging wolves the way he does.

Maedhroc in Michel Delving

And this evening Maedhroc met someone even more peculiar ... a right jolly old fellow who was giving out presents in the Michel Delving town square.

Maedhroc meets Sainte Nicholas

The mysterious gift-giver presented Maedhroc with some blueberry muffins and a pair of quite nice shoes (rather wasted on a hobbit, of course) before he had to dash away, dash away. Maedhroc, having eaten his last milk and cookies himself earlier (hobbits, y'know), gave him some strawberries and golden Shire taters that he happened to be carrying by way of thanks.

All in all, a fun evening. :)

-The Gneech
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