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Postcards From Middle-Earth

LotRO is eating my brain. But in a good way. :) I've really been enjoying my lil' hobbitey warden Maedhroc, seen here dancing to the the rhythms of the Hobbiton Philharmonic.

Maedhroc meets the Hobbiton Philharmonic

(Note the messages in the text window. Even undead sorcerer-kings can't get a good hobbit down!)

Maedhroc has helped the Bounders (basically the Shire militia-cum-police-force) so much that he's been appointed an Honorary Shirriff, an achievement he takes to heart. Unfortunately, he has been so helpful to them that there's little left for him to do in Shire except run pies for the local grandmas. What's more, the Wardens have summoned him to Bree to aid in confronting brigands who threaten the Greenway, meaning that very soon he will have to leave his beloved home and venture into the wider world, something he is not entirely keen to do.

He'll miss the Shire!

Maedhroc sees a rainbow over Tookland

-The Gneech



Dec. 15th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
The Shire is a very well-made virtual place in that game - one of the very few that made me want to just jump in and live there forever. Between the strong old trees, shady paths, rolling fields, the light patter of the withdrawing rain and warm sunshine of a new day bringing a rainbow arching over green hills and pastures... to welcoming pubs, friendly hobbits, a cheerful festival, fireworks, and song and dance around.

I could easily see if RP servers had whole communities who just hung out, chatted, made music together and enjoyed the scenery. It was easily a place you could get lost in, in a good way, and not worry about level or stats or gear at all.

If you get the time, gather some mates and run a good 'ole Shire pubcrawl for me, and tell the inns "Ibanez the minstrel says 'Hi and sorry for the mess'". :)

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