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A Bunch of STUFF

Happy Boxing Day! St. Stephen's Day! Friday! Hope yesterday was Holly Jolly for everyone. :) I had an enjoyable day, although Santa couldn't fit the "six week vacation" I really wanted for Christmas under the tree. I got some cool books and DVDs instead, though, so that's all right. :)

I'd like to tip my glass in respect for Eartha Kitt, who's gone to be fabulous in Heaven (although she wouldn't admit that was where she was going). I wonder if she ever figured out why she had that lever.

In other news, The Hunt for Gollum — a movie which may very well do for Lord of the Rings fan-films what New Voyages has done for Star Trek. No VFX so far, but some very nice cinematography and very convincing orcs.

Speaking of Middle-Earth, Maedhroc has sent some postcards:

Maedhroc meets Gandalf
Nobody who grew up in the Shire hasn't heard of this guy. When Maedhroc was a bounder, he was actually tasked with keeping an eye on "that dangerous old fool," although they only spoke once and Gandalf didn't seem to remember him.

Maedhroc meets Radagast
Speaking of dangerous old fools, it appears to be Wizard Week for Maedhroc. Let's just hope he doesn't meet Saruman next.

-The Gneech
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