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New Year's Resolutions

For the upcoming year, I intend to go 1280 x 1024.

Ha, ha, ha! I love that joke.


Anyway! Here are some actual resolutions for the new year, and reflections on those from last year.

Last Year's Resolutions…
  1. Make some new merchandise to have at the dealer tables. I'm hoping to crank a bit on this in the upcoming week in order to make Further Confusion, in fact.

  2. Hmm ... some progress on this, but not as much as I would have liked. Still have a lot of old stuff to clear away anyway, tho.

  3. Finish Suburban Jungle in strip form.

  4. That didn't happen, alas. It more just sorta stopped, at the moment.

  5. Publish another book each for SJ and NN.

  6. See above.

  7. Get NN rolling again sometime by the end of spring.

  8. I did. Then I stopped. Alas!

  9. Start doing birthday posts again. Crunch time at work knocked me off of that and I've just had trouble getting back to it.

  10. Did this for a while, but couldn't keep up with it. Just too many things to think about!

  11. Get new windows on the house.

  12. 100% success here, at least!

  13. Get back on the Bowflex. Various crises and time-crunching projects have conspired to leave it covered up with boxes of stuff that had no where else to go -- those need to be taken out and shot. I am feeling my muscles atrophy, and I don't like it.

  14. Did this for a while, then warm weather and being busy killed it. I don't much like the current machine, which doesn't help.

  15. Do more DDR. Now that we've got the new pad, this should be easier to accommodate.

  16. Did this. Would like to do more. Need a new new pad.

  17. Learn at least three new good dinner recipes.

  18. Added one to our regular repertoire; have some others that we can do but take more effort than we're usually interested in putting towards it.

  19. Make significant progress on a novel written with intent to publish. Finish and shop it around if possible, but at least have a first draft manuscript done by the end of the year.

  20. Very much didn't happen. Le sigh!

So, not my best year, resolution-wise, but not abject failure either. So here's for 2009...

  1. Get the comics and merchandise items from last year whipped into shape.

  2. Make updated websites for the comics, as well as generally reorganizing and "cleaning house" on the whole cartoonist thing.

  3. Keep trying on the birthday posts.

  4. Clean out the Bowflex room (again) and get it into a more user-friendly state. Add more physical activity to lifestyle generally for both self and laurie_robey.

  5. Get more sleep at night, so I'm not fighting sleep all day.

  6. Do that book, dude!

  7. Get a shed, fix up the yard, and add some external plugs to the house.

That's all I've got in mind at the moment; I'm open to suggestions. Anyone?

-The Gneech
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