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Unhappy Cat Is Unhappy

Alas, Buddha is back at the kitty hospital, with another painful blockage. Fortunately, we were home yesterday, recognized the symptoms from last time, and got him treatment right away so it didn't do any other internal damage or become life-threatening. Unfortunately, he's going to be there all weekend and it's going to cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000. Owie. >.< Hooray for savings! I can't imagine what we'd have done in a scenario like this, say, eight years ago.

We now have to look at the option of surgery which would, to be perfectly blunt, snip off the bit that keeps getting plugged. That would be another $2,000+, which would suck, but it would hopefully prevent this from becoming our annual Christmas Surprise.

Still. Buddha's worth it. :)

-The Gneech
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