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in ur vet hosp charmin' ur vetz

Buddha's home, although apparently the various vets and techs didn't want to let him go. There are unconfirmed reports of one doctor attempting to smuggle Buddha home under her coat. And this is when he was being shy and cowering in his container — just imagine if he'd pulled a Turn It Up to 11 on them! [1]

Anyway, he's doing well for the moment and is beside himself with happiness at being home and reunited with his family again. We're going to have a very ... interesting ... few days of medical treatment and observation, but I would optimistically guess that the worst is over and he'll shortly be his sweet old self again.

-The Gneech

[1] "Turn It Up to 11" (or "Workin' It") is our name for Buddha's patented roll onto his back to present his belly for rubbin's. It has made supervillains go 'splode.
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