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When We Weren't Visiting Buddha...

...over the weekend, we were either running errands or gaming. We're coming very close to the finale of Red Hand of Doom now, as the players have mostly torn through the Fane of Tiamat. I gave them some NPC support so they could survive to this point, but they've also largely managed to get lucky. They've avoided patrols, kept the alarm from going up (so far), and found a pretty straight-line route that avoided some of the nastier encounters in the lower fane. Even without the NPC help, they are also just plain tougher than some of the remaining cannon-fodder littering the dungeon. An encounter of two 5th-level and five 3rd-level clerics is little more than a speed bump to a party of five 10th-level heroes.

Of course, this just means that they're rushing headlong at the Big Bad waiting at the end, mwuuuhahahhaa. ;)

A while back I posted my thoughts about what I might do next after the TPK big finish. The group didn't seem to have much of a consensus on that issue, although there was a general tone of "if you run a Middle-earth game, set it somewhere besides Middle-earth." So much for my neat ideas on ways to have Aragorn, Gandalf, and Legolas make cameo appearances! ;P

Right now, of all the ideas, the "not quite Middle-earth" game is the one I'm most leaning towards, although I'm sure I'll do a lot of vacillating between now and then. I even went as far as to consider giving 4E a try, until I got another look at the 4E PHB and remembered what crap it was. -.- Not that there isn't probably a salvageable game under all those neon lights and annoying noises, but given the amount of nuisance it would be to retool it into something I could stomach, I might as well stick with something that's closer.

So right now, I'm leaning towards something very close to my S&S Saga system, with some slightly tweaked classes and different magic. Races would be human, elf, dwarf, halfling, with classes being burglar, captain, warrior, loremaster, and ranger.

But, that's still a ways away. We've got probably at least two more sessions of Red Hand of Doom, followed by at least one session of Star Wars and hopefully a good, solid Uncanny Midnight Tales adventure between now and then, not counting what anybody else may run.

-The Gneech
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