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What Aren't I Playing Currently?

Having finished Red Hand of Doom, I want to take a break from my GM duties and play for a bit. So far the only game going with someone else at the helm is jamesbarrett's "Street Fighter," of which we've done one session, and while it's a fun enough off-game, it's not really where my heart lies. Strangely enough (for me), I'm pretty much wanting a Standard Generic Fantasy™ game; heck, I'd even play 4E if somebody else was running. ;P

Having had a bit of fun with the barbarian (Arshan in sirfox's Furry D&D) and at least a taste of the elf archer (Celedras in jamesbarrett's attempt to continue his Greyhawk game before the loss of camstone), I'm now looking at some other concepts in my character idea drawer that I've been wanting to play with...

Halfling Wizard or Bard — Sort of an "absent-minded professor" type, this character idea originally came to me for LotRO, but then got shelved when that game couldn't support it. He's something like "old Bilbo" from LotR, fascinated by maps, old books, languages, and tales of the past. He learns spells more or less as a side-effect of his scholarly inclination and is inclined to utility things like grease or dimension door rather than blasting stuff. Later on does a lot of scroll-scribing and item-crafting. Might go with a wizard who has "bardic knowledge" instead of a familiar.

Elf Cleric/Fighter or Paladin — Just to be different. It would be fun to be a crusader in shining armor for a change.

Dwarf Rogue/Fighter — Your basic expert dungeon delver; due to his tendency to wear heavy armor he's not so much a sneak as a scout/trap tripper who doubles as a tank.

Halfling Ranger/Scout — Basically a variation on Maedhroc, this little guy patrols the wilds looking for trouble and helping those in need, probably using the "non-spellcasting ranger" variant if it's a 3.x D&D game and taking a riding dog as his animal companion.

Human Marshal — Your basic inspiring hero leader. :) Alas, I don't think I have the Miniatures Handbook dataset for E-Tools, but I'm not sure, I'll have to check. It would certainly require digging up a copy of the MH for the Marshal, although the basics are online. Essentially, he's a buffer like the bard or cleric, but with more of a war-captain feel. Alternatively, this guy could be done as a re-skinned cleric, perhaps getting some bardsong-like abilities in lieu of the ability to turn undead.

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