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So Why'd You Get It, If You Don't Like It?

So I've bought some 4E stuff this week. Specifically, I bought Keep on the Shadowfell (the "quick start" adventure) and the Martial Power Handbook (i.e., "the 4E fighter splat"). Given my railing against 4E, you might wonder why I've done such a rash thing. The answer boils down to experimentation, combined with the old "buying stuff for gaming is sorta like actually gaming" syndrome. I am seriously jonesing to be a player just now, and when I get into that state I find myself thinking about all the neat things I could do with this build, all the neat things I could do with that build, etc.

To that end, I've been looking at the 4E warlord class, which is seriously mis-named but fills a role that people have been trying to shoe-horn into the game for some time. In some ways it's a second pass at the 3E marshal, a class that was rather shafted by A) being lackluster, and B) being put into the Miniatures Handbook instead of a book that people might actually buy. Essentially, it's a buffer, like the bard or cleric, but without the "singing minstrel" or "religious zealot" baggage of either of those classes. Frankly, "marshal" was a better name for the class, although "captain" or even just the straightforward "leader" would have worked better. "Warlord" implies a bloodthirsty horde rather than a heroic archetype.

I'm looking at the warlord for two basic reasons, first being that sirfox has made the occasional rumbling noise about doing something with 4E, and second being that I might like to build a 3.5 retrofitted warlord-equivalent instead of a marshal in case any more 3.5 gets run. S&S Saga already has an equivalent class in the noble, although I'm probably going to rename that to "captain" for the next iteration myself. If the warlord has any particularly nifty bits, I might steal them as well.

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