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Hack Jr.

Hack is gone, but Hack Jr. lives on. Specifically, a bacterial "secondary infection" that's left me with pink-eye and a swollen uvula.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "Swollen uvula" is fun to say. Or at least, it would be fun to say if I could talk.

The good news is, other than these defects, I feel much better. The doc prescribed some antibiotics and gave me his firm opinion that I would be completely cured within 72 hours. Just in time to work all weekend to make up for being out of work, yay! ;)

FWIW, Buddha is also clearly feeling much recovered -- he's bored and won't shut up crying to be let outside. ;P If only hantamouse was here. He's of the opinion that Buddha lacks vocal chords, but five minutes at our house today would easily disabuse him of that notion. Tomorrow's Buddha's day to go back to the doc and have his sutures removed. All we need now is for laurie_robey to be over her cold, and life can finally get back to whatever it is that passes for normal around here.

-The Gneech
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