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Who's Brilliant Idea Was It...?

"Control tower, this is private jet zero-niner-niner requesting emergency assistance, over."

"Zero-niner-niner, this is the tower, state your position and the nature of your emergency."

"Other than being approximately one hour south of New York City, I don't know my exact position. I'm in a thick cloudbank and have no point of reference."

"Zero-niner-niner, what is your altitude?"

"I don't know my altitude; I'm pretty high up tho, over."

"Zero-niner-niner, check your intrumentation. Is your altimeter failing?"

"Uh ... well ... that's the problem. My instruments are invisible."

"...Er, zero-niner-niner, could you repeat that?"

"My instruments are invisible. This is Wonder Woman. I'm flying an invisible jet."

"An invisible jet."

"Yes. Also, I may be running out of fuel; I can't tell for sure, tho, because my fuel gauge is invisible."

"Uh ... roger that ... uh ... Wonder Woman. We are attempting to locate you on radar. Drop 100 feet and let us know if you can see anything, over."

"I can't drop exactly 100 feet, because I can't read my altimeter. But I'll go down a bit ... a-ha! I see the approach, tower. Request permission to land."

"Permission granted to land, Wonder Woman. Is your landing gear down?"

"How the hell should I know??? Over."

-The Gneech
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