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I was apparently more tired than I thought last night, which is hard to believe considering how tired I thought I was. I am now officially four minutes away from being late for work and all I've managed to do is shove a little breakfast down my throat. Think it's gonna be another call-in day. -.-

But before I drag myself off to the shower, here's a couple of interesting tidbits:

Via ceruleanst: Comics, Comics, Comics, a discussion of print comics people looking to monetize the web. (Would I sound bitter if I said "Get off my internet, ya Johnnie-come-latelies!" here?)

Also from ceruleanst: Not Worth the Paper It's Printed On -- behold the Bullshit Artistic Credibility Dollar.

Finally, via grammargasm: Save the Words, which can't really be described, it just sorta has to be seen.

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