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Weekend of Productivitude

This is what I've been missing — getting stuff done! :D This weekend I...

  • Scripted Suburban Jungle through the end of March.

  • Did two Sketch-A-Day sketches.

  • Made a Valentine's day card for laurie_robey. (It was a cheesy little quickie, but fun.)

  • Tried out the brush pens that Balto recommended. Very nice! Now I gotta learn how to use them and not suck. ;P

  • Learned a new (if stressful!) card game from sirfox.

  • Drew all of next week's Suburban Jungle! 0.o

  • Bought a new monitor for my computer when I discovered that Tiff's hair was coming out green(?!).

  • Penciled another page of Carpe Diem.

  • Upgraded gear on my lil' hobbitey warden in LotRO.

In short, this weekend was packed full o' STUFF. But that's the way I like them! I always feel more energized after a weekend of accomplishment, than I do after a weekend of sitting around.

Today, while theoretically a holiday for me, I am in fact going to be working to make up some time from last week. Unfortunately, I am also getting a root canal. D:>

My life just never stops being interesting! ;P

-The Gneech
Tags: comics, gneech news, lotro, suburban jungle
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