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The Force is Wrong With This One*

Last night we played the second half of a Star Wars adventure that I started way back in April of last year. (10 months between sessions is probably a new record for us ... usually by that point we just chuck it.) However, we did barrel through Red Hand of Doom during that interval, so we at least have a reason.

The other record we broke last night was "Worst Dice Rolling EVAR." Everybody sucked at random number generating — in a nail-biting moment when the players were trying to prevent a stormtrooper from setting off a huge explosive charge that would kill them all, every one of them spent a Force Point to add to their attack and then promptly rolled a 2 on the d20, making their Force Point benefit negligible. But the badguys weren't doing much better! At one point an Imperial officer blasted jamesbarrett's hotshot pilot at point-blank range, rolling 3d6+2 for damage and coming up with a total of 7. Yup. He rolled two 2's and a 1. jamesbarrett shrugged, said "Ouch," and kept on doing what he was doing.

The basic thrust of the plot was that the characters were flying escort on a delivery of payment from the Alliance to the Squibs in exchange for a salvaged Clone Wars-era Venator-class battleship (an Old Republic precursor to the Star Destroyer). After some unplanned detours to a backwater world for repairs from an Imperial ambush (and an encounter with a local cargo cult of sentient crabs), they finally met with the Squibs, who informed them that an Imperial Star Destroyer had found the Venator and was guarding it. The Squibs distracted the Star Destroyer with their Momship, enabling the heroes to make an assault on the Imperial troops on board the Venator.

The heroes lost one of their NPC companions in the assault on the landing bay, but managed to get onto the Venator. (Nonheroic 3 makes for a good pilot but not much of a tank. The NPC only had 10 hit points.) Taking up one of the stormtrooper's comlinks, the heroes listened in on the Imperial chatter and found out that there were saboteurs in the engine room setting explosives that would disable the hyperdrive, so they rushed down to engineering to prevent said catastrophe.

Much lobbing of grenades, some horrible dice rolls on both sides, and another lost NPC companion later, the sabotage attempt was thwarted and the ship secured. Having completed their transaction with the Squibs and not wanting to wait for the Star Destroyer to come back, the Venator flew off into the sunset jumped into hyperspace.

laurie_robey commented after the game that she was enjoying the campaign, even if it was going super-slow. I had been trying to decide if I would continue it or not, but I figure that's a pretty compelling reason to keep going with it. :) So for now I'm going to stick with Star Wars and start up Uncanny Midnight Tales as my two primary games, while I work out the details of what I want to do with a fantasy game.

-The Gneech

*Post title courtesy of sirfox.
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