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Election Fray

Well, the elections pretty much went exactly as I expected, right down to Erlich getting Maryland. The good news is that the sales tax raise in VA was defeated, and so were large numbers of democrats.

The bad news is, that a large number of republicans won.

The problem with republicans is that they run on issues that I get behind ... lowering taxes, cutting back government, etc. ... but then when in power they throw all that out the window and do stupid things like going after Roe v. Wade or expanding the despicable "war on drugs." In the current climate, we also have to worry about them establishing the House Committee On Stomping All Over Liberty So We Can Find Terrorists Wherever We Look.

The other problem with republicans getting in power is that the whacko religious right comes out in force, and they are some Evil, Evil People. :P And no, I don't mean people who are Christians and also republicans. I mean people who say things like "Gays caused 9-11." I live in Virginia, home of some of the most particularly evil ones, and I don't mind telling you, the idea of some of these people having any influence at all -- much less having a lot -- gives me the creeps. Christ must be rolling in his empty grave at the idea of these people associating themselves with his teachings. :-`

Support freedom: hug a libertarian today! 'cause people sure ain't voting for 'em!

-The Gneech
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