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Whither the Elf Champion? (Wither the Elf Champion?)

Alas, poor Galadhalion, my former main in LotRO ... ever since I really got into playing Maedhroc, I just haven't wanted to go back. However, at the urging of one of my kinmates I have been sending him along on some of the higher raids and just sort of poking around with him generally, and I think I can see where at least some of his problems lay, and he needs a serious retooling in a lot of regards.

Unfortunately, I've become so used to the Warden, that to play Galadhalion I'll have to re-learn the Champion almost from scratch. Probably not a bad thing, as he's got such a flawed build, but definitely a time investment that I'm loathe to take on while I'm still trucking along so nicely with Maedhroc. I suspect that by the time I had Galadhalion running up to par, I could have Maedhroc running the Rift himself.

Then, there are those new lowbies I'm so eager to try out when Book 7 finally hits.

Gah! Stoopid game, keeps making me want to play it!

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