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Updatey Post Is Updatey

Last night was spent largely diagnosing and fixing (we hope) the router problems, or at least mitigating them some. The network still drops GORT with annoying frequency, but I suspect that's largely because it's the last holdout XP machine on what is becoming a Vista shop. [1]

Once that was done, I finished getting most of my files transferred, although there are still some important bits missing that need to be migrated before I'll be finished and ready to start working on art again. Mostly settings and files that are hiding in strange places instead of being in "My Documents" where they belong.

In cat news, Buddha still can't bear the presence of another cat. We picked up a large crate-type pen to put Buddha in so we can let Dasher run around the house, but all it did was make Buddha paw at the bars and yowl. Dasher, for his part, has clawed a big hole in the guest-room rug and is generally going stir-crazy locked in solitary confinement. I'm wondering if kitty quaaludes is the only viable answer besides "find another home for Dasher" at this point.

In gaming news, I ran another session of Star Wars on Saturday night, which went quite well I thought. It was a pretty major battle, so the session was pretty much "Fight! Fight! Fight!" But that said, it also advanced the campaign story, gave everybody a cool moment or two of "screen time," and enabled the characters to go on a mission with Luke Skywalker — at least until one of the campaign Big Bads popped up, knocked Luke off the building, and went chasing him through the city streets.

Finally, a great moment in bad ideas: The Sci Fi Channel finally admits that they hate their core audience. In other news, ESPN is going to be renamed "The Athletic Supporter's Channel."

-The Gneech

[1] Not by choice, particularly. I constantly want to tell Vista to "SHUT UP!" It seems to think that every time I change something from the factory default, the world might explode.
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