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Because people are always looking for an excuse to give me flack:

  • Being Christian doesn't make you evil. But it doesn't make you exempt from it, either. The whacko religious right, as I said already, does not refer to any Christian republican. It refers to the whacko ones. Many Christians are good people; in fact, most are. Same is true of most jews, most pagans, most muslims, most athiests, most agnostics, most buddhists, etc.

  • Generalizations about what republicans do in power is not a poke at individuals who vote republican. The truth of the matter is that anybody in power either starts out corrupt or becomes so somewhere along the way. If I have to choose between the big two parties, I'd rather have the Publioobs over the Demidupes any day. At the same time, they'd be in for a fight.

  • The Libertarian Party has its own share of whackos, and I don't want them in power any more than I want the whacko left or whacko right to be there, either.

  • Most people would think I'm a whacko for wanting a super-strict interpretation of the Constitution, which would make about 85% of our current government illegal.

  • Having a republican house, senate, and president does not make the U.S. into Nazi Germany, any more than having a democratic house, senate, and president made the U.S. into Stalinist Russia. Lighten up, people. The U.S. is a fundamentally free society, on a level more profound than the government can touch, no matter who's in power. Pick who you hate, Demidupes or Publioobs, I'd still rather be in a U.S. with them in power, than a lot of other places in the world.

mutter, mutter giving me flack grumble, grumble

-The Gneech
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