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Return to Eregion

Maedhroc hit level 48 last night, which meant it was time to head for Eregion! I've been itching to get there for some time; when I was reaching my wits' end with Galadhalion, Eregion was the one bright spot, and for all its bugs and quirks, I absolutely love the place. It's not as large as some of the other zones, having largely been seen by the devs as a "speed bump" on the way to Moria, but what it does have is a very distinctive feel that just hits all the right notes with me. It's not the gently pastoral feel of the Shire, nor the rugged wilderness of the Trollshaws or Misty Mountains, but it is verdant and vibrant, unlike the gray wastes of Angmar or the brown emptiness of the North Downs or the Lone Lands. The zone it is most like is probably Evendim, actually, but without the relentless aggro or having to swim back and forth across a huge lake three times for every quest.

Eregion is also the zone that provides the most on-level content for me at the moment. Deeper parts of Angmar and Forochel have some, but I have to work harder to get to it and I'm just not as interested in those areas. Of course, questing in Eregion also opens up Moria and gives you access to legendary weapons ... in short, it gets you closer to Running With the Big Boys.

So my current plan is to base Maedhroc in Eregion for a while, long enough to get him through Vol II Book II, hopefully hit level 50 or higher, and get him started on his legendary weapon(s). From there it will be back to Angmar in order to continue with the Vol I book quests and his class quest, as well as enabling him to join those Rift runs that some of the kinnies are doing with Lhee's folk.

Maedhroc reeeeallly wants that Rift armor set! :-o___ <-- drooling

Yes, I want to eventually get to Moria too. But honestly, after skipping so much of the high-end content with Galadhalion, with Maedhroc I want to go back and do it all. Which means going through all of Angmar, Forochel, Goblin-Town, Helegrod, Sarnur ... heck, he'll probably end up going back and doing the starter content in Ered Luin at some point. Just because! Once he hits the level 60 cap, there's no reason to pick any one quest over another besides "Would it be fun or not?"

-The Gneech
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