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Moving On to Other Subjects...

I wonder if I could get to a point where I could squeeze out four SJ strips a week, instead of the current three. I have actually been drawing effectively four a week for a while now, with occasional weeks off that then eat up the reserve.

As my depression works itself out and I get more usable time and energy, my productivity has gone back up considerably. However, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and end up regretting it, either. Particularly if I want to start trying to put some more NN content up, as well as starting up the kung fu again whenever this much-anticipated promotion ever shows up, I need to carefully watch to make sure I don't overextend myself.

At the same time, I would really love to get SJ onto a M-Th schedule like TCM has now. Besides the fact that Vince is THE MAN *kowtow, kowtow*, I suspect that a lot of the constant hum of activity in the TCM forum comes from the fact that there's something new almost every day.

Sluggy, of course, updates every friggin' day, and Sluggites are insane. I'm not sure if those two facts have any kind of causal relationship, but I feel there must be a correspondence in there somewhere.

Putting out more strips would make new books come out faster, too ... hmm...

-The Gneech ("Must ponder.")
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