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Who's Who in the B&G Fictionlets

As I start putting more serious thought into the B&G novel, it occurs to me that I'm going to need a "bible" to work from in order to keep things straight. I wonder if it would be worth setting up a Wiki, or if I should just stick with a word processing file? But here are some notes to get that started, with few (if any) spoilers.

Goes by Brigid. Small, slim build, dark hair. Works as some kind of production person in an office where she's forever rushing out proposals after hours and on tight deadlines. Has trouble waking up in the morning — very much not a morning person. Rather jaded and has an acerbic wit, although she occasionally shows a surprisingly "girly" side. First encountered Greg in Latin class at college, didn't become boarder until later. When she was a young girl, teacher Miss Lebsdale (a.k.a. "Miss Lobster") reprimanded her for calling fruit snacks "unicorn poop." Likes bad romance novels and NY style pizza.
RELATIONS: Daughter of Isadora Franks. Father divorced from mother (now deceased?). Old friend of Sharon. Co-owner of Ozymandias. Cousin of "Wretched Julia."

Goes by Greg. Tall, slender, wavy sand-colored hair. Reasonably well-off parents died in a traffic accident when he was in college; he finished school on their life insurance plus a trust fund. Moderately successful writer and novelist. Has one published novel, Retrograde Maneuvers, and one in-production novel, Funny Looks. Owns the condo that he and Brigid share; rents her room to her. Has an amazing capacity for trivia, loves wordplay and witticisms. Also loves music and has very eclectic tastes; prone to singing to himself. Rather eccentric, but it's sometimes hard to tell how much is genuine weirdness and how much is him just playing around. Very dangerous to get him near used bookstores.
RELATIONS: Both parents deceased. Nephew of Uncle Bob. Old friend of Alex. Co-owner of Ozymandias.

White domestic shorthair cat, gold eyes. Previously owned by Sharon, but she gave him up when boyfriend Thomas wouldn't move in with a cat. (Sharon and Thomas later broke up, but apparently Sharon didn't take Ozymandias back.) Seems particularly attached to Greg, or at least sleeps on Greg's chest at every opportunity. Somewhat chatty — prone to saying "meow," whenever someone addresses him.
RELATIONS: Owned by Brigid and Greg; formerly owned by Sharon.

Greg's mother's brother, described as looking like "a cross between Jerry Garcia and Santa Claus." A ne'er-do-well with a penchant for get rich schemes and a never-ending desire to get to Greg's trust fund. Apparently a '60s throwback, he periodically tries to get Greg to become "an activist" against "the man," although what that may mean is rather vague (as is Uncle Bob's sincerity on the point). Extremely self-centered to the point of being dismissive of everyone around him unless they happen to be serving some purpose of his at the moment. Has a beat up old car and a squalid apartment.
RELATIONS: Uncle of Greg, on mother's side.

Small, plump, older woman with somewhat frizzy hair and large glasses, Isadora nevertheless has a very arresting personality and tends to dominate any conversation she participates in. At home she tends to sit in a high-backed wicker chair. She's very outspoken and always ready to share her opinion on anything. It's clear she loves her daughter and is also quite fond of Greg, referring to herself as his "Auntie Isadora."
RELATIONS: Mother of Brigid; divorced from Brigid's father. Aunt or cousin of "Wretched Julia."

No physical description given. Irritating guy who seems to be at many of the parties B&G get invited to, forever saying fatuous or insulting things, usually under the guise of making banter. Seems completely oblivious to the fact that neither Brigid nor Greg can stand him, despite repeatedly suffering physical abuse by Brigid's hand. Tends to follow Greg around at a party trying to impress him, or failing that, to engage him in dissing contests. Unknown whether "Treville" is his first name, last name, or an internet handle.
RELATIONS: none known

No physical description given. An old friend of Greg's, they share an interest in SF/fantasy geekery, wordplay, and the occasional Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque Childish Insult Fight. Apparently has a rocky love-life, or at least has had one bad relationship which he commiserated with Greg about.
RELATIONS: Old friend of Greg.

No physical description given. Old friend of Brigid's, although the basis of that friendship is unknown. Hostess of at least some of the parties that B&G attend, she apparently invites Greg knowing that he'll bring Brigid along, rather than inviting Brigid whom she knows will turn it down. In Greg's opinion, has disastrous taste in men. At least one boyfriend, Thomas, forced her to give up Ozymandias for him (and then they broke up anyway later).
RELATIONS: Has a crazy uncle she tells stories about; old friend of Brigid; former owner of Ozymandias.

More to come as I have the opportunity to work on it. Input welcome. :)

-The Gneech


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 17th, 2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
Not really; it's more a matter of I can only do so much at once. I intend to go back through on a post-by-post basis and add more over time.

-The Gneech
Apr. 17th, 2009 11:11 pm (UTC)
Don't forget the random girl who propositioned Greg! That was good for several laughs, and I think she should make the cut.
Apr. 18th, 2009 01:05 am (UTC)
Wikis are useful. Really useful. I keep one for my.. well, most of it is writing stuff but a bit of my other art creeps in. It's at PBWiki, but that's really temporary until I can make myself a decent MoinMoin Wiki, either on webhosting space or just a desktop one.

My writing group also has a wiki for stuff from our things that we write about in that group, which is really handy for co-op writing and suchlike.
Apr. 18th, 2009 05:31 am (UTC)
I don't know, maybe Treville is like Home Improvement's Wilson W. Wilson, he's got matching first, middle and last name.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. n_n
Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
I've used WikidPad a bit to keep notes on my writing. It's a single-person wiki, so it's really no harder to install and use than an application like Word. It's handy for cross-posting between my local computer and LJ, because it'll interpret html commands for underline and italics properly.

Beyond that, I'm not sure it's actually more *useful* than a single text file full of notes. Maybe if you have several dozen pages' worth of notes to keep straight and cross reference.

It is sort of fun, though. n_n
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