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Semi-working demo to the client this morning, so I was up late again last night. The website was not as done as I would have liked, but it should fly well enough for demo purposes. At least I hope so. I now see why so many software projects are late, over-budget, and still not ready on release. That said, there are some nifty bits that I'm fairly pleased with, and a lot of "more better bidness practices" done behind the scenes that I've been wanting to implement for years now.

Weirdly, laurie_robey is actually the one who's going to be handling the demo, so hopefully it won't break while she's doing that. I myself will be sitting in the dentist's chair while that happens, probably falling asleep.

Fortunately, with that deadline finally out of the way, I should be able to go back to doing that thing I've heard about, what's it called? "Sleeping at night?" It seems a radical notion. And maybe, just maybe, that will enable me to start doing some drawing and writing again.

At least until the next deadline...

-The Gneechzzzzzzz
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