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My sleep patterns have been seriously messed up lately, with the net result being that even when I'm awake, I'm a hair's breadth from nodding off. Since going onto the CPAP machine, I've generally been sleeping so deeply that I don't remember my dreams … but not so my constant cat-naps. Usually those start out as a reasonably coherent thought I just happen to be having with my eyes closed and slip quietly into the land of weirdness before I've realized that I've fallen asleep.

Some of these dreams are bees-eating-your-eyeballs unpleasant, but a few of them have been really nice, such as the one that involved a cartoon fox and hound, theoretically in a Looney Tunes-style chase routine at a circus, unexpectedly breaking into a full-blown clown routine that ranged from the flying trapeze to the high wire. The fox had apparently been taking lessons from Bugs Bunny, because he got out of an inescapable hold at the end by surprising the hound with a big ol' smooch. 'twas silly. :)

Honestly, on the whole, I'd rather have proper sleep again. But if I've got to be unexpectedly passing out at my desk, I'd like to officially request more silly 'toons, and fewer gross-outs.

-The Gneech
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