John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

Rough Days

Okay, so on Thursday, my dad fell down at the lawyer's office. He's 84 going on 115, with artificial hips, a bad knee, and wonky-at-best spatial awareness ... so this is not terribly surprising. However, after said spill, he was having difficulty maintaining a coherent thought and kept sliding in and out of consciousness. This behavior suggested that the marathon document-signing session at the lawyer's office had led to low blood sugar[1], but whatever the cause, he found himself unable to walk under his own power, so laurie_robey and I went over to the lawyer's office and by means of bodily lifting him out of the wheelchair[2] and putting him into the Camry[3], managed to get him over to the after-hours office at Kaiser Permanente to determine what, if any, damage he had suffered and if he would be okay.

Kaiser poked, prodded, and examined, and decided it was beyond their facilities and so sent him over to Fairfax Hospital in an ambulance; there he has been for the past two days, getting MRIs, new med prescriptions, and increasingly cranky and rude to the staff because he wants to go home. They determined that he had not been injured in the fall (or at least, his brain hadn't been), and the attending physician decided to completely reshuffle my dad's list-as-long-as-your-arm of meds in ways that would hopefully make him more coherent generally, and less prone to things like internal bleeding due to the blood thinners[4].

So he's due to go home today; they're going to drive him home in an ambulance and the attending techs are going to cart him straight in to his bed. Before that happens, they're going to see if he can walk in the hospital — he hasn't tried successfully since Thursday — but either way they're going to try to get him a chair to scooch around in, and my mom has to go hunting for a car that he can get into and out of more easily.

Meanwhile, for myself, I'm still sick. :P This makes me profoundly grateful that I don't have to go over there and hoist him in and out of chairs/cars/beds, although I am a bit annoyed that I can't do more to help than lend a sympathetic ear at this point.

-The Gneech

[1] Did I mention he was diagnosed with diabetes a year or so ago?
[2] On loan to the lawyer from another office in the complex, apparently.
[3] Keep in mind that I am still quite sick myself. Lifting your ancient, incoherent father into a car while you have head congestion, body aches, and mental fatigue is not a fun experience.
[4] My dad has apparently reached the point where internal bleeding due to blood thinners is more of a risk than stroke due to blood clots. This is the kind of thing they have to deal with!
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