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I've finally decided what to do re: a fantasy campaign; I vacillated a lot about various different options and it's taken me some time to finally come to a conclusion that I like. And, much to my surprise, it's turned out to be "Stick mostly with third edition D&D, with some house rules."

Basically, I'm going to bring in a few of the Saga Edition changes that make the GM's life easier, but they're just going to be superimposed onto the existing 3.5 framework. Trying to retool every class, skill, spell, and feat isn't worth the effort, but I'm going to make some "high level" changes right off the bat, and then make rulings on individual items as they come up.

Some details, for those interested. These changes have been designed to enable us to keep using E-Tools with minimal trouble.

  • "Heroic" characters (i.e., PCs) get (hit die x 3) + Con bonus hit points at 1st level. This is largely to counter the increased likelihood of critical hits (see below).

  • Iterative attacks will be replaced by a +1/2 level damage bonus. The "Double Attack" and "Triple Attack" feats will be added.

  • Critical hits will not require confirmation rolls but will automatically hit for maximum damage. I am thinking about adding "Optional Critical Hit Effects" like I did for Uncanny Midnight Tales. Most creatures are no longer immune to critical hits or precision damage (such as sneak attacks).

  • The condition track will be used; when a character takes damage exceeding their damage threshold (haven't decided what that will be, leaning towards Con + level), or the character suffers a critical hit, they move down the condition track. If the character takes damage that would move them down the condition track and the attack also reduces them to 0 hit points, they are slain. Otherwise, reaching 0 hit points or the bottom of the condition track leaves the character incapacitated.

  • No multiclass XP penalties and no "favored class." Abilities (especially spells) formerly based on class level are based on character level instead. So for instance, FTR 2/WIZ 3 character casting magic missile would gain three missiles instead of two.

There are more sort of "behind the curtain" changes I will make, and there will probably be other house rules besides these that I haven't finalized, so if my players have any requests/suggestions, now is the time.

-The Gneech
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