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Hello From Dragon*Con!

Well! It's been a good con so far, but an exhausting one. Thursday, travel day, was fairly easy. But Friday was the day that 90% of the events I wanted to get to happened, so I spent a lot of Friday standing in lines.

A lot of lines.

But I got to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on live on stage being a pair of silly old farts the way they love to do; that leaves only Nichelle Nichols as the surviving original cast member whom I haven't ever seen or met in person. (I did get to interact with James Doohan once or twice over the years; Deforest Kelley, alas, I never had the honor.)

I also got to see Terry Gilliam and the MST3K/Cinematic Titanic crew who were on hand this time.

And that was Friday.

Today we saw Emerald Rose and Crossed Swords; all of our other panel attempts were foiled by lines we weren't willing to stand in. We also shopped the dealer room/exhibitor halls and the art show, plus stopping by the Bill Holbrook/jpl table in artist alley and chewing the fat a bit. Then we went to Durango Steak House, where I died and went to Steak Heaven, but by around 7:30, my body gave out on me and demanded that I retire for the evening. So laurie_robey, jamesbarrett, and I hung out in the room here at the Marriott and watched Mythbusters while I noodled around with the D&D 4E online tools. I had to break down and pay the scandalous $13/night online access fee for that — not something I would normally be willing to do, but I really was in the mood to work on some gaming stuff.

Oh, also, apparently hantamouse managed to chop off his own leg with a fire hydrant or something. It's all very vague, but I gather he's taped it back on and so hopefully will be able to function tomorrow.

In the morning, jamesbarrett are off for our one gaming session this con, a Swashbucklers/7th Sea d20 game which hopefully will be a fun change of pace. I also hope that pre-gens will be provided, or we're going to be S.O.L. on that one.

Shopping has been a mixed bag this time. I got some pretty good deals on some miniatures, and I managed to get my hands on a Pathfinder RPG Core Book to flip through it for a minute or so. Much as I love Paizo and want to support open gaming, as far as I can tell Pathfinder simply cleaves to close to 3.5 to be worth the investment — just close enough that it's still unwieldy without electronic support, but just far enough away that you can't easily convert E-Tools (and Vista broke E-Tools anyway, stupid Vista!). And finally, the Pathfinder modules are of limited use to me, simply because I don't like the setting or the sort of "baroque not-quite-horror" flavor of it all. I realize they're trying to establish a distinctive flavor that will make their world something other than "just another Greyhawk/Realms/etc." setting, and in principle I think that's a fine thing ... it's just that in practice I don't like the one they've come up with.

But my attempt to pick up some of the 4E Goodman Games stuff has been a flop — because nobody has any except for the two 9th-level modules at the Troll & Toad Games table. Nobody seems to have a 4E GM screen either, although I imagine that would be easy enough to cobble together with a printer and some paper clips. I did get a set of dice for Arcangalad and ten "bloodied" counters, tho.

Anyway, it's after midnight now and I need to get up in time for tomorrow morning's game session, so I'll end it here for tonight. Good night, world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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