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Home Again, Jiggety-etc.

Back from Atlanta and happy to be home. Buddha is quite apparently happy we're home as well, which is always heartwarming. It was a good con, but somewhat hampered by the mortality of all involved — this year has been markedly low on exercise for all of us and so all the standing-walking-standing-weaving-through-crowds-standing took its toll. hantamouse seems to have suffered the most — I don't mind saying I'm a bit concerned about the state of his health — but we all felt it.

Business-wise, there was almost nothing, as this con is my vacation. I did get the official OK from Emerald Rose to use one of their songs for the next NeverNever book, which I have at least started noodling around with a little and hope to have in print by the end of the year. More on that as it firms up.

I have also decided to go ahead and try to run some 4E. I think I've been taking the whole thing way too seriously, which is always a danger with me. (What can I say? I'm passionate about my gaming.) So I decided I would get back to the basics a bit — just sort of "shut up and get into the dungeon already." But I'm not going to get into that until sirfox does some more with his, not to mention finishing the Uncanny Midnight Tales scenario and possibly some more Star Wars.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have tomorrow off from work, which I plan to spend as much of as possible working on Suburban Jungle. G'nite, all!

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