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Too Much Stuff I Want To Do!

This morning, I am positively jonesin' to get on to LotRO and play Maedhroc some. I don't know why, it's just a hobbit-wardeney kind of morning.

However, I also want to work on this D&D idea I've been noodling around with since last week. It takes a lot of the cooler stuff from my S&S Saga idea and makes it work within the 4E framework in a way that I'm frankly astonished that I like as much as I do. I even found a way to make tieflings not suck, which I didn't think would be possible. (Dragonborn are still out, sorry graveyardgreg. But minotaurs are an option, so that should keep you happy.) It's nice to actually be excited about a fantasy campaign again!

But before I can do either of those, I really need to finish up Suburban Jungle, which I also want to work on! I came up with some nifty ideas on Tuesday and tonight I hope to storyboard-my-brains-out (IYKWIMAITYD), setting up a weekend of drawing.

Of course, that assumes that work doesn't get too much all in my face tonight. I already know it's going to be somewhat all in my face, as I have to be around after hours to support a co-worker whose big project (formerly one of my big projects, hooray for delegating) is finally going live tonight. Assuming all goes according to plan and nothing explodes, I should only be here 'til 6:00. I hope.

Oh, speaking of work, I'm a bit spiffed up today, as we're getting a departmental photo thingie. But to my own self I must be true ... while I look like a grownup, my tie clip is an enamel pin of The Yellow Sign. Geekery will out, and all that.

Enough natter for now. Back to work!

-The Gneech


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Sep. 14th, 2009 08:04 am (UTC)
That'd be two of us. Especially since the games on RPOL I'm in are effectively KIA.

Still, I guess I need to pick up the Player's Handbook 2 to see if I want to replace my Minotaur's Ranger class with something like Warden.
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