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John "The Gneech" Robey

Weekend = Game Time!

As for what kind of game, that's up to the individual. Myself, I'm jonesin' for some more D&D. As today's payday, I've already put in an order for Dungeon Tiles from Paizo, miniatures from, and a couple of modules at the FLGS. We all reached 2nd level in sirfox's "4E Tryout" game last weekend after completing the preliminary "first layer of the onion" part of the scenario. This week we should be getting into the Main Event, the titular "Keep on the Shadowfell" itself.

So far I'm enjoying my Eladrin Warlord, but I'm still lukewarm on 4E from a player's POV. I imagine that it's largely a reflection of the scenario, but so far it's pretty much been "fight, fight, fight," with a few momentary forays back to town to chat with NPCs for clues about what to go fight next. I'd like for there to be some way to bring our various characters' different backgrounds and personalities forward more. I'd like to see Arcangalad get some more chances to be heroic and noble, Rhine to be mysterious and wizardey, Nicole to be more shining lady of smiteyness, and Avengelina to be more shifty back-alley type.

Of course, that's not necessarily a problem with 4E the ruleset, so much as where they put the focus in their adventures. In that regard, they're just following a long tradition ... the NPCs in the venerated "B2: Keep on the Borderlands" (which I have an idea this scenario may be something of a tribute to, or at least a nod) didn't even have names, much less distinctive personalities. (Well, the Mad Hermit was mad, of course. But he was more of a monster than an NPC.) And this is something that I'm always wanting more of anyway, being primarily a storyteller/method actor type of player, with minors in tactician, specialist, and butt-kicker.

-The Gneech
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