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Gneech News!

Here's today's headlines related to The Gneech.

Cats Sign Historic Peace Accord After Three-Week Cease-Fire

Household cats Buddha and Dasher spent several hours asleep on the same bed with the_gneech and laurie_robey last night without requiring the enticement of treats and no noticeable signs of aggression. This is considered by many observers to be the most impressive display of goodwill yet between two cats who as recently as a month ago could not be in the same room without a fight breaking out. the_gneech reports that this amazing change in attitude, particularly on the part of previously-bellicose Buddha, has been becoming more and more noticeable since his and laurie_robey's return from Dragon*Con. "I guess that five days with only each other for company, even if it was through a closed bedroom door, enabled them to iron out their differences. Or maybe Buddha was just so happy that we came back that he decided that even a life with Dasher in the house was tolerable." When asked for comment, Dasher said, "MEEEOOOWWWW!" and bonked his forehead against the microphone. Buddha merely blinked, sniffed the microphone, then got up and went under the_gneech's desk.

the_gneech a Bigger Twit Than Ever

the_gneech announced today that his twitter account has reached 51 followers, including such notable personalities as Wolfgang Bauer of Kobold Quarterly and Frank Conniff, known to Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans as "TV's Frank." He also revealed that he is following 76 accounts himself, including several friends, a feed from Wired Magazine, and a handful of web-savvy celebrities. Says the_gneech: "It's a nifty little medium. Where else can I eavesdrop in realtime on a three-way conversation between Adam Savage, Kevin Murphy, and Neil Gaiman? It's no LiveJournal, of course ... there is no extended prose or refining a thought. It's more like a giant chat room than anything else, except that you can choose who you're going to listen to, and ignore the rest. Of course, that sometimes makes for strange, one-sided conversations out of context, but even those can be entertaining in a 'Mad Libs' sort of way. Plus I'm having fun coming up with short little bon mots to toss out from time to time. It makes the whole day like a cocktail party. Except without the cocktail." As well as being a twit, the_gneech has also been referred to as a cheap twerp. When asked to comment on this, he merely blinked, sniffed the microphone, and joined Buddha the Cat under his desk.

-The Gneech
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