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It's All Lateral Movement From Here

So I'm officially 40. :) Thanks for the happy birthday wishes to all who sent 'em! This seems like a good spot to stop and reflect on things.

*reflects on things*

Honestly, I got nothin'. The only even-slightly insightful observation I have on the topic is that I'm no longer the youngest person I know, but that's been true for a while now.

Seriously, tho, my next closest sibling is 12 years older than I am; I started school a year early, then skipped a grade of junior high, sending me off to college at 16. For many years, in any group I might be hanging around with, I was always the baby. However, being the sort of "let's get this party started" person that people tend to defer to, I was also often (but not always) the "alpha" of the group ... leaving me in a perpetual state of being simultaneously inexperienced and in charge. Oy!

These days, that's not the case anywhere near as often. At work, I'm surrounded by all these I.T. babies who barely remember the Clinton administration, much less get my obscure '70s and '80s references. Many, if not most, of my comic readers are younger than I am, a few of them so young as to have not been able to read when the comic started.

It doesn't bother me particularly, certainly not compared to a few folks in my circle who are constantly boggling at the way time marches on, but it is an interesting phenomenon to watch. As I'm ever a student of human nature, I enjoy comparing and contrasting "the youth of today" with my own thoughts, opinions, and behavior at a similar age. I'm also doing my best to observe what leads to "grownup" behavior — by which I mean things like not being able to figure out how to operate the video machine or determine from context the idiom of lolcats — and avoid it. ;) So far I think I'm doing fairly well in that regard, but it's also true that I hate my cellphone. Can being baffled by the TV remote be far behind?

-The Gneech
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