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John "The Gneech" Robey

Other Miscellaneous Thoughts re: The Captain

As he is a stand-in for the Cleric, should he have more debuff removals? Is there a way for morale to remove poison/disease? Typically a Cleric provides buffs (bless, aid, prayer, bull's strength, et al.), heals/raises, and removes debuffs (delay poison, remove disease, etc.). The Captain as written provides buffs and a certain amount of "preventative" healing (i.e., he can give you a damage shield rather than patch you up when you're hit), but he also gives extra actions, which can sometimes make an even bigger difference in a fight or at the very least enable people to buff/remove debuffs from themselves via potions.

How about debuffing enemies? Clerics can also do the whole curse thing ... could a Captain's intimidating demeanor in battle provide morale penalties to his foes? Perhaps the Captain should get an ability that lets him use the Intimidate skill to cause a fear effect or some such.

Actually, if I was going to go all-out with this class, I'd probably create a pool of gambits he could draw from, akin to Bardic music or a Cleric's spells ... although the net result would probably end up going back to looking like the original Marshal. :D But as this is something I want to be able to easily put into E-Tools and use without a lot of headaches, I probably won't go that far.

-The Gneech
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