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Holy Carp Snow

When did this become Presidents' Day Weekend? It's been going all night and all day and it's coming around to night again and still going. Yikes!

In other news, it looks like I'll probably be doing that followup to Red Hand of Doom after all. The opinions expressed by my players boiled down to "I wanna do some high-level stuff" and "that group worked," so it'll get us going, anyway.

It's not going to be "MOAR Red Hand of Doom" ... the Red Hand was pretty well obliterated and even Tiamat herself was given a black eye (in the form of the destruction of one of her aspects), so it wouldn't be much fun to just do more of the same. But there are some interesting historical nuggets buried in RHoD that gave me some ideas for potentially doing a sequel game when we finished up the first one. Specifically, there's the whole uneasy peace between the humans of Elsir Vale and the giants to either side. Part of the backstory of Elsir Vale and the whole fall of the late Kingdom of Rhest is a war waged with the giants a century before, of which only Old Warklegnaw has direct memories and he was too young to participate. So my kernel of an idea was "Revenge of the Giants."

Lo and behold, WotC had the same idea. This is a 4E module and of course built around its stupidities ("Lo, for the world will send chosen Paragon-tier heroes to the City of Paragon-Tier Heroness! That means you guys 'cos you hit 10th level."), but I was thinking of getting it and pilfering it mercilessly for encounters, even if the core is not directly usable. Unfortunately, I can't get to Barnes & Noble today to pick it up, as we're covered in 250 feet of snow and it's still coming down. [1]

But, I can at least start working on the background info and send a general "heads up" to my players about it. You guys will be able to continue your previous characters or make new ones, whichever you prefer, but either way we'll be going with fresh builds. Five years will have passed since the end of RHoD, giving you the freedom to tweak your characters however you like; there will be a writeup as to what changes have taken place in and around Elsir Vale since then. The game will start at 10th level, and there will be some house rules but they will mostly be changes to racial stats (dumping the -2 stats, for starters).

-The Gneech

[1] Warning: The Gneech is prone to hyperbole. It's probably only 180 feet of snow.
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