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John "The Gneech" Robey

Don't Cry, Emo Doctor

Y'know, Patrick Troughton's entire run wasn't as long as David Tennant's good-bye. Personally, 'twere it me, I would have stayed on at least one series with Moffat at the helm to see where it went before I bailed. I'm hoping we'll get back to quirky pulp SF adventure and away from the current soap opera in space. Let's have the Doctor solving mysteries again instead of having every episode end with the suicide-of-the-week!

Having gotten that out of my system, I notice they blew up the TARDIS control room. So presumably we're going to have New Baby Doctor with New Baby TARDIS, New Baby Opening Titles, and so forth. I also Saw What They Did Thar with the weeping angels reference and identifying Timothy Dalton as Rassilon. [1]

One final rant, I still wish they hadn't dropped a logical bridge on Donna. Of all the RTD-era companions, she was head and shoulders above the rest, for all the same reasons that Sarah Jane was so great during the Pertwee/Baker years. If there was a single companion through the whole series that should have stayed on for five more years, it was Donna. But frankly, I don't see it happening, and that's a disappointment.

Ah well, that's all history now (so to speak), and Steven "Curse of the Fatal Death"/"Blink" Moffat is in charge now. Let's hope for great things!

-The Gneech

[1] Side note: Timothy Dalton as Lord-President of Gallifrey! I will give them Awesome Points for that. And also for "Worst! Rescue! Ever!"

PS: From an un-named Tweeter: "If Timothy Dalton regenerated, would he become Pierce Brosnan?"
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