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KeenStop, 2010

You may recall that a while back I posted a little thing called Well Ain't That a NDA-Protected Kick In the Head! which, appropriately enough, ended becoming an impromptu game of MadLibs.

Well, apparently the sheet has been lifted, or at least leaked (webcartoonists are crap at security): KeenSpot is (effectively) getting out of the webcomics bidness. Talk about the defining "end of an era" moment!

What this means for me is that I'm going to have to find m'self a new host for SJ and NeverNever, on top of all the other things needing to be done with them. It's not a huge catastrophe ... I've long suspected that KeenSpot and I would end up parting ways once SJ went into hibernation, but I certainly didn't expect it would happen the way it did.

Anyway, I'm looking at my options now. What I'd really like is to find some place that would let me build the site and host it with a ColdFusion server, just because I know ColdFusion and could make the site exactly the way I want. I'd also need to find somebody to provide ads and do all the other sorts of administrivia that I stuck with KeenSpot so they'd deal with.

I do miss the days when there were only 50 webcartoonists and we all knew each other. But as I posted this morning, that was a different world than the one we live in now.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Rephrased for TKD. :)
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