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Holy Crap! Giants

First session of my new D&D 3.5 game tonight; it's a sequel to my much-enjoyed Red Hand of Doom campaign, called Revenge of the Giants (with only the vaguest resemblance to the 4E adventure by the same name), or, as sirfox refers to it, "Holy Crap! Giants!"

The players are all reprising their RHoD characters, with minor revisions, except for jamesbarrett, who traded in his druidfighterbardbarian for a more straight-up fighter/rogue combo going for the old 3.0 Weapon Master prestige class, in the form of a super-hotshot young hero-wannabe who was off getting trained up during the events of RHoD and missed it all, much to his chagrin.

The first session was primarily spent getting the characters all back into E-Tools with the appropriate campaign house-rules in place, and then setting up the initial situation and playing out the first encounter, a largely get-your-feet-wet affair against a strike team of ogres and hill giants, led by a cyclops, who had been sent to silence an NPC giant the characters had befriended in Red Hand of Doom and was endeavoring to warn them about an impending invasion by frost giants.

I have the main thrust of the campaign pretty well outlined, designed to take the characters from level 10 to level 20, building on elements present (if not always explored in detail) in RHoD but taking the story in a new and even more epic direction — not an easy task considering the climax of the previous game put them up against an avatar of Tiamat herself.

I am borrowing some things from 4E ... I gave the fighter class a "mark"-type ability and made available a 3.5-ized "Warlord" class (called The Captain, because "Warlord" sucks). In my encounter building, I've worked in some ways to make "minion"-like opponents and made an effort to mix monster types ... especially important in a game featuring giants, who are almost universally of the "brute" type unless you do something to mix them up. I'm also looking at ways to use the 4E "Adventure Tools" utility to create critters and convert backward to 3.5, since E-Tools can be so darn clunky. (Really it's a shame that 4E is such garbage on the player side of the screen, because the GM's side has so much good stuff.)

Anyway, it should be interesting to see how it goes. 3.5 famously gets creaky at this level, but both hantamouse and jamesbarrett were itching for high-level play, so I'm attempting to indulge them. And as we've already got a somewhat-established group going (making allowances for "the new guy"), we can skip over all that "working out the group dynamic" part and jump straight into the adventure.

-The Gneech
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