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Good Morning, Starshine! The World Says "WTF?"

Got back in to NoVA around 8:00 this morning, lay down for a second, and THUD! Zzzzzzz... Woke up again around noon and have been cleaning out the e-mail box and adding the usual post-con stuff to my Too-Much-To-Do List, such as "Scan and e-mail sketches" or "Settle up hotel bill."

Overall, I had a lot of fun at FC this year, but I've officially named it "Soldier-OnCon" due to the crazy huge number of things that were muddled, screwed up, or generally borked, but which we all Soldiered On Through and managed to have a good con anyway. Here's a partial list, in no particular order and of varying severity:

  • Mouthwash bottle leaked all over the inside of my "toiletries" bag, leaving me with sticky shampoo bottles and my nighttime meds being fused to the inside of the pillcase (and tasting vaguely of mint)

  • Floods, mudslides, rockslides, blizzarded-out mountain passes making travel a nightmare for many con attendees. Vince got in at midnight on Thursday instead of in the afternoon ... invisiblewolf didn't get in Thursday at all, as his flight got just-plain-canceled.

  • When I went to the dealer room for setup on Thursday, I was rather defensively told, "The wiring's not done and we're not letting dealers in! You want the room to open sooner, help run cable!" Well, as I had nothing else pressing, I did just that ... about half an hour later I look up and they're letting the other dealers in. Pfui. So then after I gaffe all the tape my back can stand, I get in the now-long dealer reg line for half an hour (please don't fail, back), only to discover they don't have my badge. Last but not least, the hotel has provided the dealer room with the wrong tables -- wider tables that make for even more cramped space both in front of and behind the tables than usual. Bah!

  • Checking in to the hotel, I'm informed that my room isn't ready and that they'll call me when it is. Two hours later I go back and find out that it's been ready for an hour and a half but they didn't call. However, I'm one of the lucky ones -- I actually got the double room that Vince reserved for us, instead of having all of us pile onto a queen size bed, which is apparently what the majority got. They also didn't muck around with our room deposit, which apparently puts us in a small minority.

  • The hotel bar band. Cripes, don't get me started.

  • 45-minute to an hour wait at Gordon Biersch, when I didn't really want to go to Gordon-bloody-Biersch anyway but didn't want to be rude to the folks who'd invited me. Fortunately mammallamadevil bailed us out on that one and got us to the Hilton lobby bar/restaurant, which served well. Unfortunately, one of our dinner companions was "that guy." Won't be attending dinners with him again.

  • Forgot my comb. Forgot my glasses. Virgin Atlantic has some of the least comfortable seats ever and disco-lit planes that give me a headache. Don't think I'll be doing that again.

  • My art sales were at an all-time low. Don't you folks love me any more? *sniff* Although this was balanced by a lot of fun jamming w/ other artists in the off-hours. Still, I could have easily done another $150+ worth of badges and sketches ... but people weren't asking.

  • Convention signage. See also unicorns, the Loch Ness monsters, and other things that don't exist.

As I say, none of these things were huge, but when taken together the overall effect was that I found myself saying "Oh boy, what now?" a lot. Also, as I say, I had a fun con anyway, because I had great roomies, great table-mates, and got to hang out with a lot of very cool people. I also got quite a few kind comments about the resolution of Suburban Jungle and the recent improvement in my art. :)

Oh, and one last thing -- now that we've had a chance to actually talk about it, I can reveal the big secret: the NeverNever mystery artist is none other than Sue, coming back to finish up Attack of the War-Cats and hopefully carry on from there as the strip continues! Yaaaay! *Kermitflail*

Hmm ... I think that's it for now. Time to shower, unpack, and start attacking the Too-Much-To-Do List ... not necessarily in that order. Catcha later!
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