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Too--! Many--! Thoughts--!

Brain--! Spinning--! Talking--! Like--! Bad--! Shatner--! Parody--!


Okay, that's better. Seriously, tho, that's one major downside of doing things like going to cons, is that I get all fired up and have all sorts of ideas, leads, things I want to do, and directions I want to go, but then the reality of the job kicks in and I have to sit here, forcing myself to program webpages, every limb twitching and several of my brain cells burning themselves out wanting to DO something on my projects.

On a good day, this is followed by me going home and working my brain to the bone until I can force myself to go to bed.

On a bad day, this is followed by doing pretty much anything else, including stuff like "laundry" or "playing LotRO." In fact, if I could I'd avoid the "going to bed" part on a good day, too. Because there's SO MUCH I WANT TO DO! And SO LITTLE TIME I HAVE TO ALLOCATE TO ANY OF IT!

Seriously, why is so little of my life actually my own? I need to work on that.

-The Gneech


Jan. 29th, 2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
I believe that the common social contract in such matters is generally that you work away your best and most creative years for someone else, and upon retirement, you're allowed to take a decrepit, spent, and broken mind and body and do whatever you like in retirement, where hopefully it won't cause much fuss.

Other options generally involve impressing somebody enough with your work that they'll subsidize it, but this often proves depressingly difficult to find.

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