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This morning in what for me counts as the wee hours (but was actually just 7:00), we schlepped Buddha and Dasher over to the vet, where they are going to be put under for heavy-duty dental cleaning, which they both sorely need -- doubly so for being FIV+.

Of course, it's worrisome and stressful to put lil' sweet-natured Buddha and big lovable oaf Dasher into carrying crates and leave them mowling piteously at a big, scary place full of strangers; but they've both been under anesthetic before and come out fine, and we'll pick them up tonight and take them home. So we don't foresee any problems really ... it just causes anxiety, 'cause, y'know, we love those guys. Hopefully each one having his adopted brother for company will bring them some comfort now that they've become accustomed to each other.

-The Gneech
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