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Kittehs Update

B & D are back up from under, with teeth scrubbed and gingivitis removed. A few of Dasher's teeth were not salvageable, alas, and had to be removed, but as soon as the anesthetic wore off his eyes went POINK! open and he immediately inhaled a bowl of food, so he's no worse for wear. (They way he eats, teeth are sort of an afterthought anyway, what with only being used to chew and all.)

So we'll be picking them up on the way home from work. They're going to be on antibiotics for a few days, but life should quickly get back to normal, with the exception that hopefully Dasher's breath won't be able to wilt trucks any more. Fixing their teefs is the last legacy bit of health issues these guys came with that needed addressing, so hopefully we won't be shelling out any more big piles of money on them for a while.

-The Gneech

PS: I'm working in my mind on an anthropomorphic drawing of these guys ... with Buddha in a smoking jacket looking a bit like a fuzzy Sydney Greenstreet and Dasher in plaid shirt and cowboy hat like Jethro Clampett.
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