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MOAR Pathfinder Talk!

Specifically aimed at savageplanet since he's been good enough to make recommendations, but I'll take input wherever it comes from.

I DLed the demo version of HeroLab, and it certainly looks promising. :) The proof will be if I can figure out how to get my homebrew Captain class, the 3.5 Duskblade, and the 3.0 Kensai in there.

So the next question: do you have a similar recommendation for a monster generator? I see that the PfSRD has a nifty fan-made monster advancer, but dang it, I just gotta have my fiendish vampiric troll sorcerer/blackguard*!

-The Gneech

*Actually, I don't gotta have one of these. But you get the idea!

EDIT: I see also that the monster advancer is a bit on the buggy side.
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