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laurie_robey and I (well, mostly her) crunched the numbers last night and came to the conclusion that even after the costs of the early termination fee from Verizon, buying a new phone, paying for "MobileMe" to get the synch with Outlook, and all, I'd still be spending slightly less per month over the next two years with an iPhone ... and might, y'know, actually like the phone.

So I went out and bought one. :)

My phone number is the same, and tonight once I get the MobileMe account set up, I should have all my contacts etc.

Now, to start going nuts with apps! ;)

I plan to do some heavy-duty putting this thing through its paces this weekend, including tests down at the Richmond ComicCon. But if all goes well, the long national nightmare of Gneech Trying to Get a Phone That Doesn't Suck may finally be over!

-The Gneech
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