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Overall, iLikeIt

Well, after two days, the iPhone has a few problems, but overall it's a big improvement. It still wasn't the "do it right out of the box" solution I was hoping for -- so much for Apple's signature claim -- but with some addons and a couple of kludges here and there, it now seems to be working.

Good Bits:
  • Smooth, easy-to-work with interface

  • All the phone functions work nicely and don't try to prevent you from actually using the phone (unlike the HTC touch)

  • Nice variety of apps, including app or pseudo-app versions of most of my favorite websites

  • The apps actually run and do what they're supposed to instead of sitting there for several seconds and then bombing out (unlike the HTC touch)

  • 3G is fairly fast, and connecting to my home wifi is even faster

  • It doesn't randomly turn itself on and burn itself up in my pocket (again unlike the HTC touch)

  • Voicemail is downloaded directly to your phone as an MP3, so you don't have to call and go through a "press 1 to get frustrated, press 2 to get really frustrated" interface. You just click "play" and listen! Nice actual use of the technology for a change. :)

  • It's pretty.

Bad Bits:
  • There is no native to-do list, which I still find incredible

  • To sync with Outlook requires a $100/year(!) add-on service, which also doesn't have a to-do list(!)

  • Said add-on service is wonky at best with its Outlook sync, occasionally requiring you to nuke the installation and do it again ... sometimes even on the first try (as happened to me)

  • No physical keyboard. Some people say "that's not a bug, it's a feature" -- I say, "No, that's a bug." The virtual keyboard works, but a real keyboard would work better.

  • Everything is sold separately. This is the Johnny Longtorso of phones. Want to turn that MP3 into a ringtone? Better have bought it through iTunes.

  • Whipping out your iPhone at Starbucks makes you feel like a pretentious smarmoid.

All that said, it's still head and shoulders above the POS phone I've been fighting with until now and looks like a phone I'll be happy with, after having whipped it into shape in the whole "sync with Outlook" arena. And I'm still interested in the iPad for those times when I actually want to type something. ;)

-The Gneech
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