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Weekend Sucked, but We Shall Overcome

Well, it did. I spent most of the weekend coughing my lungs out, when I wasn't trying to keep my back from spasming. It's like the warranty on my body expired and now suddenly everything's failing. I'm not happy about this.

We punted on going to Richmond Sunday, for a couple of reasons. First, my health (or lack thereof). Second, well, it was just an ugly day on Sunday, and I'd been hoping for a nice sunny road trip. Third, well, a look at the convention hall map showed that it was basically a hotel ballroom with about nine dealers total, each with three tables. Meh ... I could get about as much useful information just by heading up Rte. 7 to Laughing Ogre Comics.

The net result of that is that I also didn't put the iPhone through its paces ... but the coverage map suggests that I wouldn't have noticed much difference, at least between here and Richmond. There's a narrow strip of orange (indicating strong signal) that's just exactly wide enough to cover the highway. :D But I think I can safely say that I'm satisfied with it now that I've got ToodleDo and MobileMe in place.

Ironically enough, I keep thinking, "Man, I wish this thing was about 8" x 10" and had a keyboard." I have a feeling there's an iPad in my future.

Anyway, it's sunny today, and I'm doing my best to brute-force some awesomeness back into life. I haven't figured out what exactly I'm going to do, but if nothing else I'm going to do some sketching and work on the Suburban Jungle collection before that gets too far behind schedule. I'm not working any 10-hour days this week, that's for sure.

-The Gneech
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