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The Problem With Apple

Well, yesterday's shopping trip was largely a success, after a rough start. Apparently, some helpful cherub had called up the hair place and "rescheduled my appointment to 6:00," while leaving laurie_robey's untouched at 1:15. Um, what? So both got shoved off until later today so we didn't have to cool our heels at Reston Town Center for an hour waiting for Laurie's appointment to roll around, and then still have mine pending.

The second problem, although we didn't realize it was a problem at the time, was with the Apple store. Now, I know Apple has a blanket policy of multiplying its prices by 150% of the market standard, and I was prepared for that. Not happy about it, but prepared. But I wasn't prepared for what they did on top of that.

See, I tend to plug in my new phone both at home and at work, because I've been using the music library feature quite a bit and the charge runs down over the course of the day. But the phone only came with one connector cord, which gets to be a nuisance to have to carry around and plug/unplug over and over again. So I thought, "I know! I'll buy a dock to use at home, and keep the connector cord in my briefcase." So while at Reston Town Center we popped into the Apple store and picked up the basic dock.

$30? Ouch. But I figured, "That's Apple for you ... but I'll have what I want and be done with it." How foolishly optimistic I was!

Because when I got home, I discovered that the $30 basic dock doesn't include a connector. Seriously. It's just a weighted stand that you insert between your existing connector and the friggin' phone.

Honestly, Apple. WTF. So in order to have a dock and a connector, I'd have to pay $30 for the dock, plus $18 for a stupid cable. Really, Apple? Really?

I hope I'm not understating my annoyance when I say: fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

So today's first order of business is to return the dock, chew out the people who sold it to me, and exchange it for just a connector cord.

I'm willing to pay a premium price for a superior product. But I'm not willing to pay a premium price for something as basic as a dock just because it's been blessed by St. Jobs. You people seriously need to get over yourselves.


-The Gneech
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