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Current Story Progress

4600 / 10000 words

Got the beginning and the ending written; now comes the hard part (i.e., the middle). The good news is, that with the end done, I know at least some of the things that have to go in!

I’ve found over the years that this tends to be the way I write any more: I come up with an opening that gets me all interested and wanting to know what happens, mull over it a little and figure out how it ends, and then spend the rest of my time stitching the two ends together. Most of the time this is fairly straightforward, but there are some works, such as the Michael Macbeth novel that’s been sitting in a file for something like five years now, where the middle is just a gigantic vague cloud with “INTERESTING STUFF HAPPENS HERE” printed on it in big letters.

Better than the early days, where I just started writing and kept going until I couldn’t think of anything to have happen next; and better still than much of the time I spent writing comics, where all I felt like I had the time to do was come up with the next one or two strips and hope that the end product would make something approaching sense.

Beginning -> End -> Middle, while it can be a difficult method, does at least produce solid results. :)

-The Gneech

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