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Sam and Max Ate My Brain!

I had in mind to get some stuff done last night, but nothing doing. The second episode of Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse became available on Tuesday, so I spent all of last night delving The Tomb of Sammun Mak. It's a very nifty little episode, where you're not just jumping back and forth through time generally, but also within the same episode, which has four segments you can play in whatever order you like (and in fact, you need to jump to the later parts to get the clues needed to finish the earlier parts). With bonus points for Baby Amelia Earhart, world adventuring toddler.

But, this has been that kind of a week. Work has been all up in my face, as it gets from time to time, so by the time I come home all I want to do is veg for a while. I even fired up LotRO, something I've barely done all year, so I could take my elven champion through the Book I storyline "inspired by greatness," wantonly slaughtering the minions of Angmar without having to deal with pesky things like my own hit points. There are times when you want to just turn on God Mode and kick butt; if I could play the game like that all the rest of the time, I'd enjoy it a lot more.

But that also leads to the question of this weekend. When I posted that I wanted to play CoC, I was only half kidding. Unfortunately, there's only one person in our group likely to run CoC, and that's your ever-lovin' blue-eyed cartoonist himself. Not a criticism of the group, just a statement of fact. I do have kind of a neat idea for a campaign framework, but theoretically we're in the middle of an Uncanny Midnight Tales scenario already, not to mention our regular Pathfinder game.

I also think it would be very neat to stat up Mystery, Inc. and run them through a CoC scenario. "I woulda raised R'lyeh and eviscerated the world if weren't for you meddling kids and that dog!" I can only imagine what gruesome fate would befall Danger-Prone Daphne. I even have miniatures for it! (I need to post pics of those some time. They're very cool.) But that's not something I could whip up Friday night to run on Saturday.

Still, I might pull out a short CoC scenario, hand out some pregens, and let fly with the SAN loss. We'll see.

-The Gneech
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