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Just Keep Drowning, Just Keep Drowning...

So I haven't really been getting anything to speak of in the way of regular exercise since I had to drop my kung fu; I have a Bowflex, but I really don't like it as much as my previous one and it's in a hard-to-access spot in the back of the house, which tends to leave it unused. (I'm not generally of the buy-exercise-equipment-and-leave-it-sitting persuasion, mind you -- I used the previous Bowflex until it got to the point where the resistance was so high I ended up lifting the whole machine up off the ground.) I'll probably end up selling it, if only to open up the space it's wasting.

Anyway! laurie_robey and I have been hemming and hawing for some time about the possibility of joining a health club; with a little nudge from mammallamadevil, we finally did it earlier this week and last night we went to our first workout there. Laurie went downstairs to use one of the stationary bikes, while I figured I'd ease into things with some swimming.


Once upon a time in the dim, dim ages past, I was on a community swim team. I was probably the worst person on the team, mind you, but I was still there, and did a lot of swimming. So slipping into the water and splooshing around a bit was much like riding a bicycle ... my muscles already knew what to do, even after *mumble* decades.

On the other hand, I didn't have asthma when I was ten. And I had a lot more energy. 0.o After two laps of freestyle, I was puffing for air, and after four, I was gasping. But I kept going, stopping for breath when I had to, ratcheting down to the breast stroke and eventually that kind whose name I can't remember -- like the breast stroke but on your back -- because they were easier on me. After half an hour, I was tapped out, so I called it a night. And this morning I'm sore in all sorts of strange places. Muscles that I haven't spoken to since I was still in school are going, "Hey, what the...?" But I'm glad we went. :)

We're due to have "smart start" [1] sessions with trainers at some point, but they haven't contacted us about that yet, so in the meantime, we're going to muck around as best we can. But three sessions a week of something is still better than the nothing we've been getting.

-The Gneech

[1] Isn't that cute. :P
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