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Yanks Don't Say Crowd ... Maybe "I.T. Gang"?

Snagged from kevinjdog, the first 10 minutes of the would-be American version of I.T. Crowd:

It's almost a shot-by-shot remake of the U.K. pilot, and enjoyable enough, but bland by comparison. Jen is "cookie-cutter pretty face" with no personality, Denham ("Denholm" in the U.K. version) is smooth but dull instead of stark and mad, Roy is clean-cut and a generic white boy whose main hint of geekery is a "RTFM" t-shirt. Net result: it was basically like watching "Big Bang Theory" plus Moss ... and as an episode of "Big Bang Theory" = "30 minutes of your life wasted," I'm just as happy this didn't come to pass. I much, much prefer that Richard Ayoade remains available for the U.K. version of the show, even if it does mean an average of two episodes a year.

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