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Metaquoting Metaquotes

From metaquotes...

who said writing was eas--oooh, shiny!

rashaka has some difficulties with motivation:

I've got about 7 stories floating in my head, any of which could be made into novels, yet when I sit down, nothing comes out. I make some outlines, then I get distracted by THE INTERNETS and it's all pushed aside.

Until three days later when I turn the radio off in a huff and stew over my lack outpouring prose. Even tonight I am typing this LJ entry instead of writing stuff. I am so intimidated--I don't have time to research, writing is scary, I hate doing the boring in-between scenes, why can't every chapter of my Great American Fantasy Novel be about someone dying or realizing their lover is the heir of the Dark Lord Enemy, whose brilliant idea was it to conceive a novel based on lyrics from Beauty & The Beast that bears a little too much resemblance to a book you read 8 years ago, why is coffee so gross yet everyone on the planet but me loves it, how come I have no self-discipline, will I have more discipline if I exercise regularly, why does my day job suck, how can I think beer is mostly gross when my grandpa was alcoholic and it's practically a writer's sole mission to brace against the cruelties of reality with imbibed protection, how many metaphors can you put in one paragraph without veering into tastelessness, is it terrible that I think one particular line is especially clever yet everyone ignores it why why why WHY CAN'T I WRITE????

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